As the time grows nearer


So here I am, sitting in my empty apartment–reflecting upon this quick semester, packing up my belongings and deciding what to bring with me to Spain.My goal is is to not bring a checked bag, and these are the reasons why: for a little more than a week before my program begins, I will be travelling around Dublin and London. I don’t want to have to carry around a lot of stuff with me during that time, so it would be best to pack super light. Also, I will avoid charges and will already be making plenty of purchases while I’m there for sure! 🙂

This past semester, I was in my student teaching which I must say was a wonderful experience. I  learned that teaching is really what I want to do with my life and that I definitely want to work with middle schoolers. I had two great cooperating teachers who I learned so much from! You only learn so much in your methods and pedagogical courses from college, but actually being in the classroom REALLY separates who wants to go into teaching and who thought they wanted to go into it. 

Anyway, I truly cannot believe how quickly that whole experience went and that in less than two weeks I will be boarding a plane for Europe. Wow…it just hit me again. This semester has had its ups and downs, but I regret nothing. In fact, the whole year of 2013 was absolutely amazing!! I am looking forward to what 2014 brings as well.

Packing my bag, this is what has been going in so far:

1. converter box (different outlets in Europe!)

2. slippers (walking barefoot around the house is a big no-no there!)

3. easily-layering clothes (basic colors, leggings, jeans, cardigans, flats)

4. basic school supplies (journals, paper, pencils–bare minimum! I was told the school supplies in Spain are much more expensive.)

5. camera

6. computer and charger cord

7. gifts for friends and host family (things from New York and Geneseo–maple syrup, post cards, key chains, etc.)

8. PEANUT BUTTER. Yes, I am bringing a small jar of peanut butter with me. Go ahead, judge. In Spain, they NEVER use this sacred topping/condiment/necessity. Some call it an addiction, I call it true love. 


That’s what I have so far. I’ve narrowed down my clothing choices, and once I have it all decided I will take a picture and upload it. The key is layering though!! 🙂

In addition, I am also trying to upload some videos documenting my travels and journeys ALL. IN. SPANISH. I am doing this so that I can see my progress in the language as I go along through the semester. Hopefully I see a marked improvement!!

I’ve been working overtime so that I have money to spend while abroad until my loans come in. Unfortunately, my program starts earlier than my home campus and loans are disbursed 2-3 weeks after classes start in New York. That means I need to make my dollars stretch for 5 weeks while I am there. To make matters worse, the money conversion is NOT in my favor. 500 U.S. dollars equals approximately 365 Euro and even less in pounds! Ouch. Naturally, I am picking up extra shifts wherever I can, selling my belongings, recycling, searching couch cushions, telling people I want just money for Christmas, ebaying, etc. Whatever it takes!! But it’s all TOTALLY worth it! 😀

The next thing I will be uploading is my first video that tells the audience a little about me. That video is aimed more toward Spanish speakers/learners but anyone is willing to check it out (Maybe see how much info you can pick out of it?)!

Hasta luego!

~A very excited traveller! 🙂


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