Packing Day–TONS of pictures! :)

Buenos días,

I just recently finished the bulk of my packing. I also just received my student visa in the mail, which is a HUGE relief! I will be sure to pack that for my journey as well.

So like I mentioned before, I have a goal. I would like to not check any bags on the plane in order to avoid fees and the possibility of losing luggage. Furthermore, I want less to carry around and worry about while travelling around London.

On the plane, I am allowed to have one carry-on bag, one purse/personal item and one laptop bag. I decided to fill my carry-on with EVERY. PIECE. OF. CLOTHING. that I will be wearing for the 4.5 month duration. Yes, it is a lofty goal–but what can I say? I am an over-achiever.

Before I even got started, I needed a good cup of home-brewed, fresh ground, Tim Hortons coffee in my new mug. (GRACIAS, Sra. Bender! :))))


After much debate and whittling away at my clothing choices, I decided on the most optimal layering pieces and staples to a versatile wardrobe. Let’s begin with tops. I specifically chose many light, silky fabrics so that more space be conserved and so that I could layer as I pleased. These are the tops I chose:



I picked some basic colors for easy matching. To go with, or “para hacer juego con” these tops, I chose a variety of cardigans. It was difficult to decide upon my favorites as I have so many (What can I say–I’m a teacher after all!).


These are the colors I chose, since they matched the other tops I chose very well.

Since I have some very light tops and it will be cold in Madrid during the time of year I go, I packed a couple basic tank tops as well:


I am going to be completely honest with you. I own literally 50+ dresses (I counted one day.) Picking only two was tough, but these are the vestidos I chose because they are comfortable, easily layerable and of basic colors.


As for bottoms. I picked two colored pants because hey–those are in style in Europe and they matched my tops very well. A splash of color come spring time will look very nice. Plus, I absolutely LOVE my mint-colored skinny jeans. I also packed a pair leggings which are an ESSENTIAL piece and then two pairs of nicely-fitting skinny jeans which match all of my tops.


I did not pack any skirts, or faldas.

Stockings, or medias, are next. I chose some grey, black and then some of those grey leg-warmers that go under your boots.


Like I said before, it’s going to be very chilly when I go. So I packed a couple scarves, or bufandas. In Europe, scarves are VERY in-style. Believe it or not, the one on the left is brown, and then the one on the right is grey. Both of these will easily match anything I wear.


And now–the shoes (zapatos). I am a shoe addict, so this part was hard to do as well. I elected the pairs that matched the most, my white crochet flats, brown flats and then my favorite rider boots which will inevitably be worn basically everyday. The flip-flops are for showering in the hostels, and NOT for the public. In Spain or all of Europe for that matter, flip-flops are a fashion NO-NO. Everyone tries to look nice when they go out in public here. Unlike in the U.S, you will never see people walking around in sweatpants, pajamas or flip-flops.

I had to cross off my running shoes. Unfortunately, there was no room. 😦 I’ll have to buy some running sneaks when I get there I suppose.


Oh yeah, pajamas!! (Mis pijamas!) I picked some yoga capris and shorts along with two comfy tank tops. I also figured these could “hacer juego con” my other tank tops from before as well.


Also, I didn’t know this before but in Spain, you DON’T walk around the house barefoot. I had to bring some slippers, or zapatillas. 


Lastly, some ropa interior and some calcetines. I thought it best not to share pictures of those. 😛

Then I took a break to play with kitty. 🙂

Spot wanted to help me pack too–and by “pack” I mean, make himself comfortable and take a nap in my luggage. 😛



He thinks he’s the king.

And he is. 🙂

So anyway, once all of that was said and done I meticulously folded and placed each item strategically in my bag so that I most optimally utilized my space. And in the end….



Yes, ALL of the clothes you just saw are in THAT bag!! That, mis amigos, se llama, “skill”.

So my wardrobe was half the battle. Now I needed to think about everything else I needed to bring.

Of course, my wallet, camera, travel diary, sunglasses, satchel and statement necklace were on that list.


I also needed to bring a couple other miscellaneous items:


I have a converter box (since the outlets sizes and voltage is different there), some makeup, a padlock, hair-ties and bobby pins, mini brush and chargers.

Next I needed to think about gifts for my friends and host family for while I am there. I brought some things from Geneseo:


And some cosas from New York:


They don’t have maple syrup in Spain, and I figured a little jar of local jam would be a nice gift as well. When I am at NYC for the day before my flight, I’ll pick up a couple more things too.

Since I am travelling to London a week or so before I even go to Madrid, I needed some travel-sized toiletries. I got a little travel-bag (with a $10 off coupon!) and filled it with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, gum, a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste and some floss.


I still need some motion-sickness stuff for the plane, but the gum is so that my ears don’t pop from the air pressure changes.

I even went out and got a super cute 2014 planner!


During my travels from home to Dublin and then to London, I will be travelling by bus/plane/ferry/train for an accumulated 35 hours. I decided that it would be necessary to bring some snacks:


Now I’m basically all-set!! I will update once again when everything has been packed completely. I’d say I’m doing pretty well on the whole packing light thing.

When you live out of your car for two years, you kind of learn how to do that! 😛

Six more days until departure! 😀


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