Five Minutes of Fame

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you saw the group picture of myself, my friends and a horde of preteen girls at the Parque de las Tejas. Trust me, I was pretty baffled too. Now I’m going to give you the story behind it. Yep, that’s what this mini-post is about.

Okay, so there we were on a bright, clear, warm Sunday heading to the park for some mate and conversation—the usual. At the park there were a ton of girls around 12-15 years of age screaming, singing, gaggling and holding up signs. What was going on?? We soon found out that they were all celebrating the birthday of none other than our pal, Justin Bieber. Oh. Boy.

I shrugged it off and stopped into a kiosko to get some alfajores to accompany our mate when some girls noticed us and asked where we were from (Because, you know, we stick out so obviously from everyone else around here.). We said New York and the girls jubilantly exclaimed, “Oooh, Yanquis!!!”.

Little did I know, it was that brief exchange of words that would change our whole day.

So we were all settled down on our blanket, the mate had been poured and we were cautiously watching this dog who was fixated on this one slobbery rock. We were trying to get him away from us because he was digging at our blanket and toppling things over, which is understandably rather annoying.


Enjoying some mate…no biggie.


Mis amigas 🙂

Before we knew it, there were 3 girls in front of us asking about where we were from and our names, ages, why we were there, how long we were staying, and what we were studying. Okay, cool. Some local girls are interested in us foreigners. Suddenly, that number multiplied to 6, then to 12 then 20…25…maybe 30?! They didn’t just stand in front of us, they SURROUNDED US ON ALL SIDES.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, and I actually found it pretty amusing. When some girls I was talking to heard I was from New York, they squealed and begged me to take them with me when I returned, to which I humored them and said to just squeeze into my suitcase and I’d be glad to. It felt like there were 1,000 conversations going on at once, since my friends were carrying out their own discussions with other clusters of giggling Beliebers.

Pretty soon, we had all the girls asking us for our Instagram and Twitter usernames so they could follow us. I told them I didn’t have Twitter (well, I do but I hardly use it.), but I gave them my Instagram and they asked me to follow them back. Sure, why not?

The whole situation was pretty comical, if you ask me. My one friend who was with us was not so amused. The other two, I’m pretty sure felt the same way I did.


Don’t worry. We got a group pic.

This fleeting, 5 minute experience was enough for me and actually caused me to empathize with famous people who seem to never be able to escape this. For once, I was glad to not be a celebrity! I would definitely miss being able to just go to the park one day with friends and enjoy peace and quiet with them. Although this was pretty overwhelming at the time, it will make for a great story one day to share with my family and friends!


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