*Erhem*…Allow Me to Introduce Myself…


I’m Erika. And I’ve always had a passion for travel, although I didn’t even leave the country until I was 21.

Even as a toddler, I’ve been curious and adventurous, constantly running off to explore new places and see what was out there. Growing up, I actually didn’t travel at all because our family didn’t have the money. Yep…each summer was a “staycation”. But I knew there was more out there. And I made it my mission to find out.

When I first left the country at 21 for my study abroad program in Spain, I was entirely in the dark about the whole travel thing. I had no idea how to even check-in to a flight or go through security or anything. Everything I know about travel I either learned through:

1.) Furious Google searching (10%)

2.) Pure firsthand experience (90%)

After my first travel experience, I was hooked. Now I can’t stop thinking about the next destination to explore!

So now it’s my turn to share what I’ve learned with other aspriring travellers, like you. Because I know what it’s like to be starting out at zero. My mission as a travel blogger is to educate and entertain my wonderful readers with fun, descriptive narratives and colorful, inspiring pictures. All this of course, with some tid-bits of historical, cultural and travel-related information speckled in here and there. Ultimately, I want you to feel like you’re right there with me, so you can get the chance to travel even if you’re right there at your desk.

I hope you learn a lot, and enjoy these adventures!

Thank you for reading!



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